Trufusion Summerlin – Tru Hot Barre

Trufusion Summerlin‘s Tru Barre class is by far one of the most difficult fitness classes I have ever experienced. Imagine working out with a prima ballerina who also lifts weights in the middle of a humid summer. You’ve probably created a pretty realistic interpretation of this course.


My class began promptly at 6 a.m. in 95 degrees and 45% humidity. This room was designed after a ballet studio with bars and mirrors covering every wall. The instructor directed students to find their place near the bar and place their mat down along with a resistance ball, light weights and a resistance band. (Trufusion has this amazing supply closet filled with equipment to use during your class including weights, bands, kettle bells, foam rollers and yoga blocks.)

We began standing with reverse attitude knee lifts. (Basically, turn your leg inwards, point your toes and lift.) We incorporated second position style arms (extended out on both sides) as we warmed up our bodies and maintained our balance. After a short warm up of lifts, mountain climbers and squats, we moved on to the barre series.

Starting in first position (heels together, toes pointed out) we performed several series of plies (dancer style squats) using the bar and our own balance.Each series had so many repetitions, I found myself having to pause several times to regroup. After the standing series, we moved to the floor to utilize weights and resistance equipment.

My favorite series, and the most killer burn of the whole class, was the resistance band sit-ups. Holding our feet hip distance apart with bands around our flexed feet, we rotated side to side while alternating bending and flexing each leg. The burn was real on those sets.

Now, I’ve taken plenty of ballet and jazz classes so I’m comfortable with the movements, but never before have I been this exhausted. The entire class was focused on burning your muscle to the point of shaking, then continuing on. We did many repetitions with and without weights or a resistance band / ball incorporating basic Pilates and yoga moves along the way.

If you’ve ever wondered what Tru Barre was all about, a written description does not do it justice. I highly recommend giving this class a try because not only will is challenge your whole body, you will work muscles you never knew existed.

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