Trufusion Summerlin – Baptiste Power Flow

“You come into this world with an inhale and leave this world with an exhale. Life happens between an inhale and exhale.”


The above profound statement basically blew my mind. The author of this revelation and instructor of Trufusion Summerlin’s Baptiste Power Flow, was Director of Yoga, Angela Amoia. Her class was more than a FREE yoga session. It was a playful interaction between fellow yogis.

Baptiste Power Flow began in a mirror free room with each individual facing another. We greeted at least three people and broke the ice. At first, it seemed a little odd to practice without the ability to see myself. But halfway through the class, I realized I was more focused on feeling the movement instead of criticizing or comparing myself in the mirror.

“Yoga is freedom.” Angela guided the class through a freeing practice that allowed us to fall in and out of poses without judgement. We even practiced balance poses from our knees! She shared mats with other yogis, encouraged the class to make silly sounds when falling out of poses and broke down all of our superficial obsessions with fitness.

Don’t get me wrong, I broke out a sweat. We focused on synchronizing series for several sets. We learned to perfect frog jumps that resulted to many handstands. Even our knee balances helped us to find our center lines in traditional balances.

This FREE class is offered every Friday at 5:30PM in a non heated room. The class welcomes everyone of all levels and gives everyone the opportunity to fall in love with yoga.

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