About Bree


Journalism – Marketing – Public Relations – Social Media

Top Five Things You Should Know About Me

1. Writing is my niche. Nothing makes me happier than sitting down and writing for hours. It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction or nonfiction or even just ramblings of my chaotic thoughts. Writing is my freedom.

2. I love design. I feel torn between writing and art and it’s hard to find the middle ground sometimes. Luckily, there are many outlets I’ve had the opportunity to use both of my talents.

3. Jesus is Lord. Although many may not agree with my declaration, I stand firm in my conviction that I am saved by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. In return for something I will never deserve, I will dedicate my life to serving him and becoming more and more like him.

4. I love fitness. Whether I’m lifting a barbell in Crossfit, trying the new TikTok dance craze, or chilling out with Zen yoga, I strive to always be active.

5. Always reaching for the stars. There’s not one goal roo large for me to shy away from. I pride myself in going for every little passion I have ever had and devoting my entire self to it.

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