90 day challenge results

90 Day Challenge Results

My 90 Day challenge officially ended this December and I am floored at the results. Not only did I find some amazing recipes that are gluten free but I also met my goals!

At the start of the challenge I was about 15 pounds heavier, 14 inches bigger, and struggling to find healthy but fulfilling solutions for my diet habits.

By the end of the challenge, I was feeling more energized and excited to try cool meals and workout. Here’s my progress!

Here’s a recap of my goals.

  • 18-20% body fat ✔️
  • 20 push-ups ✔️
  • Self love ✔️
  • Handstand ✔️
  • Eliminate anxiety flare ups ✔️
  • 5 pull ups ✔️
  • Gluten free recipes ✔️

I met all of my goals and more. The most exciting part was seeing the ongoing process. Yes, there were a few plateaus but I pushed through and achieved my goals. I even rewarded myself with a new wardrobe since my other clothes were falling off!

I’m happy to say that I am starting the new year out on the right foot. 2020 was challenging for so many reasons but this little victory helped keep me focused on a positive mindset throughout the end of the year.

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