90 day challenge results

60 Days of Fitness Triumphs

60 days of fitness, Tough Mudder Bootcamp Las Vegas

Month two is well in the books for my 90 Day Challenge. This second month was really where I had to dig deep and put the hard work in because I hit my first plateau and faced more ailments. Here’s how it went:

The Wins

  • Officially 10 lbs down
  • 11.5 inches lost all around
  • Completed 15 real push-ups
  • Learned alternate workouts
  • Tried gluten free baking
  • Stayed consistent in meals and workouts

The Struggles

After finding new ways to heal from my ankle injury, I was finally feeling back on track. However, I hit a plateau. Two weeks in a row I neither gained or lost weight and worried I wouldn’t make my big goal. So, I set my eyes on achieving at least two pounds a week for the rest of the challenge and have successfully done that. To break my plateau, I started increasing cardio and using heavy weights in my workouts. I still made sure to hit the bootcamp gym four days a week as well.

Although I broke through that first wall, I lost a week of workouts due to illness. That runny nose kicked in and so did my asthma leaving it impossible for me to do any high intensity workouts. Thankfully, a week later I was feeling much better and haven’t missed a class since.


My Goals

I am well on my way to reaching my overall fitness challenge goals. With just a few weeks left, I’m going to hit it hard and make sure I surpass these. Here are the goals I am aiming for:

  • Physical: 18-20% body fat
  • Mental: positive self love daily
  • Strength: 25 real push ups / 5 pull-ups / a perfect handstand
  • Bonus: new recipes

The final weeks are here and I’m working hard to hit those goals. I’m already feeling more confident and proud of my progress. I can’t wait to see the new me on the other side!

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