Plan a Memorable Tip to Zion

Plan a Memorable Tip to Zion

In celebration of our 5th year wedding anniversary, my husband and I took a trip to Zion. This was our first visit ever so we were completely blown away! Not only did we have an awesome time hiking, we loved visiting the neighboring cities. Here’s how you can plan an awesome trip too.

Book an Air BNB

Plan a Memorable Tip to Zion

Instead of being confined to a hotel room, we chose to rent an apartment. Ours was located just 15 minutes from the national park entrance but the options are endless for where you could stay! Springdale is the closest city and is full of hotels, vacation rentals, and bed and breakfast joints. If you want to stay inside of Zion your whole trip, check out the lodge or campsites. I highly recommend a rental property that comes with a working kitchen. You’ll save a ton on food!

Eat Local

Walking distance from the park entrance is a slew of local restaurants and shops. Post-hike, we got a bite at Cafe Soleil. They have both regular and gluten-free options and literally, everything on their menu is mouth-watering. The following morning, we grabbed some crepes from Memes. This popular breakfast spot is known for its describable pastries and even offers gluten-free batter!

Plan You Hikes

Plan a Memorable Tip to Zion

As first-timers to visit Zion, we were not familiar with the hikes, where to park, or even the cost of getting in. Thankfully, we had a few friends who just recently visited and had some great tips. Here are the tips to remember:

  • Book the park transportation bus: It’s only $1 per person and runs the full scenic route on each stop! It’s a great option for getting from hike to hike and gives you some time to relax. Just don’t forget to keep an eye on the time. If you miss the last bus, you could be walking 10 miles back to the visitors center.
  • Bring snacks and water: Once you’re inside the park, the only place to eat is at the lodge. The food is a little pricey so I recommended bringing lunch or at least healthy snacks to help you make it through the day.
  • Wear layers: It was super cold in the morning of our hike, but it was boiling midday. Bring multiple active layers so you can be prepared for any weather.
  • Check the maps: Due to COVID, many trails are not open. Don’t forget to take a look at the map ahead of time, or at least in the visitors center before heading out. Some trails, like the Narrows, require extra equipment.

During this trip, we were able to check out the Emerald pools, Kayenta trail, and the Riverwalk to the Narrows. Our plan for next time is to check out Angel’s Landing and the Narrows. At some point, we’d love to check out the other side of the mountain but those trails are a little more difficult.

Hope this helped you plan an awesome trip to Zion!

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