Quince photo ideas

Quince Photo Ideas

ICYMI, I recently did a 15th birthday photoshoot with my niece. To be honest, I cannot believe she’s 15! Still, we had a great time shooting in Las Vegas at the Discovery Children’s Parks I wanted to share some shots and ideas to inspire your next shoot.

Add Ballons

It wouldn’t be a birthday without balloons, right? That was our major prop for this shoot. We took advantage of confetti and plain latex balloons as well as numbered foil balloons. As a result, we got some great shots. (Little fact about this shoot, it was super windy! We have to hold the balloons just right to get the image below!)

Head to a Waterfall

Who says there’s no water in Vegas! At The Nature Discovery Park in Aliante, we had access to an amazing waterfall. It really was the perfect backdrop for these special photos.

Use the Scenery

Since we were at the park, I wanted to use all of the scenery. So, we added trees to our shots and even posed next to some bushes to make the colors pop.

Grab a Portrait

Nothing beats a great portrait. I wanted to make sure we didn’t only focus on the beautiful backdrops but all got some close-ups at the birthday girl too!

Where are your favorite places to take photos?

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