Plan a Memorable Tip to Zion

Plan a Memorable Tip to Zion

In celebration of our 5th year wedding anniversary, my husband and I took a trip to Zion. This was our first visit ever so we were completely blown away! Not only did we have an awesome time hiking, we loved visiting the neighboring cities. Here’s how you can plan an awesome trip too. Book an … Continue reading Plan a Memorable Tip to Zion

Wonderful World of Bree

Here’s to 25!

I'm officially a quarter century. Although this sounds ancient, I couldn't be happier. 24 brought me a great year of new titles - wife, home owner, auntie (again). I can't imagine what 25 will bring me. Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish at 25: Full Time Non-Profit Work One of my main life and career goals … Continue reading Here’s to 25!