Vegas Wedding Bells in 2016

“Dum Dum, Dum Dum” the bells have been ringing for the last two months. The countdown to the wedding of the year has begun. After what felt like years of trial and error and heart ache and growth, BrAlex is about to be official.

The last two months has been a whirlwind of planning, budgeting, crafting and attempting not to stress out. In no way is planning a wedding going to be a 100% stress free adventure. Best case scenario, you’re far enough ahead that when the inevitable happens, you’re kinda prepared.

Despite the craziness of wedding planning, I couldn’t be happier. I finally got what it seems I’ve been waiting “A Thousand Years” for. Four months doesn’t seem like a long time, but when you’ve been dreaming up this future since you were 16, it feels like eternity.

That perfect day in March when the sun is setting, our families are leaking like water faucets and my cheeks are burning from smiling so much, our forever begins.

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