Month 1 in the Books

I’ve officially reached the end of my first monthly in my 90 day challenge. Here’s how it’s been.

The Wins

  • 5 lbs lost
  • 9.5 inches lost
  • Learned tons of new recipes
  • Cooked a lot
  • Limited Stomach Issues
  • No binge snacking

The Struggles

The hardest part of this 30 days was staying on track while everyone else was eating out. I did venture out a few times but made wise choices. It’s was easier than I thought to select the right options and I was shocked to see how many calories were in my normal food selections. Some of those were an entire day’s calories in one meal!

Another struggle was staying on track with workouts. My proposed schedule was 4 days of Bootcamp with two days of handstand training. Unfortunately, I ended us spraining my ankle which made all of that very difficult to complete. I had to substitute many moves in my workouts and haven’t been able to practice handstands for fear of landing wrong on my ankle. Thankfully, in almost healed and should be back to business in the next week or so.

My Goals

Each week, I set a goal for myself to complete. One week was to stay consistent with the meal plan. Another week was practicing positive self talk. The next was finding a new, healthy holiday recipe. And the other was creating a mission statement. I’m happy to say I completed all of these. Having a mini goal each week helped keep me on track for my biggest goals:

  • Physical: 18-20% body fat
  • Mental: Positive self love daily
  • Strength: 25 real push ups / 5 pull-ups / a perfect handstand
  • Bonus: new recipes

I’m super pumped for the next 60 days and to see more positive mental and physical changes I’ll experience!

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