Five Favorite Leg Workouts Under 30 min

Working my legs out is one of my favorite things to do. Your legs can take you so many places in life. It’s important to keep them strong! If you’re like me, time is of the essence. I can’t spend hours in the gym anymore. I need something short, but affective. So here are my go-to’s for working on my legs!

The Quiet Leg and Ab Burner

I love this entire apartment-friendly series. All the moves are killer but low impact. If you have knee or ankle issues, this is perfect for you!

PIIT for Your Legs

This hight intensity style of training is my favorite. It’s only 28 minutes with four rounds of seven minute workouts. The workouts fluctuate your heart rate to make the entire session so intense!

Inner Thigh Isolation

During some workouts, I love to isolate specific areas. That’s why I love this video so much. The legs muscles are big and spending extra time on individual muscles can help you achieve the look you want.

Six Minutes or Less!

This was actually my first Blogilates workout many years ago. I found it on YouTube and was hooked! Seriously, all you need is six minutes to feel the burn.

3 Minutes to Stronger Legs

When I have even less time in my day, I turn this video on. It has my favorite pilates moves set to an upbeat pop song. Don’t let the timer fool you. You’re legs will be crying after this one.

Those are five of my favorite leg workouts under 30 minutes. I’ll be continuing this fun series next with arms, booty and back. In case you missed it, find my five ab favorites here!

All these videos feature Popflex Active clothing. You can purchase what you see here.

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