Five Favorite Booty Workouts Under 30 Min

Time for booty! I love booty workouts. They are such a combination of legs and total body moves. Even when I’m focusing on building my backside, I can feel the rest of my muscles working too! Here are my five booty burning favorites under 30 minutes.

Beginner HIIT Booty Burner

I really enjoyed this whole 6-week beachy series. All of the moves are killer and placed a four round format. If you are new to high intensity training workouts, this is perfect for you. All the moves are low-impact, but will still get your heart rate up.

Isolations for a Perky Booty

This video will make you burn! It’s 20 minutes of nonstop booty! This workout really focuses on lifts and shaping your backside while strengthening the muscles around it.

Pillow Burning Booty

Don’t let this video title fool you. This workout will have your booty screaming. All you need is a mat and a pillow to ignite you backside!

Workout the Upper Butt

The key to getting your perfect booty is to build all the muscles around it. This video focus on the area just above your butt and lower back.

3 Minuted Side Booty Focus

Shaping your hips is also important to getting you the best booty. I love this video because it’s short but effective.

Those are five of my favorite booty workouts under 30 minutes. I’ll be continuing this fun series next with arms and back. In case you missed it, find my five ab favorites here and my five leg favorites here!

All these videos feature Popflex Active clothing. You can purchase what you see here.

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