Laser Lipo with Wave Body Sculpting

I just finished 8 sessions of laser lipo with Wave Body Sculpting and I’m feeling so confident!

What is laser lipo you ask? Well, it’s process that uses multiple mediums to break open fat cells and get your body to naturally get rid of the toxins. The process included laser light panels, ultrasound cavitation, skin tightening, suction to move fat through your lymphatic system and a standing vibration to shake all the toxins out.

As a mom, I noticed no matter how much I worked out or ate healthy, my lower belly just wouldn’t budge. Like many women, this “mommy tummy” comes after the baby. This is why I connected with Wave Body Sculpting. Sheila reached out to me to have a free consultation. So, I came in and did an evaluation.

Sheila explained to me that the process would take anywhere from 6 – 12 sessions depending on my bodies response. It may also take four full sessions before you start seeing any changes. This is because the process works with your body’s natural systems. Seeing past client’s results, I was willing to make a commitment to 8 sessions and see what changes I could make.

The 8 Session Journey

Each of my sessions began with 30 minutes of laser lipo. As you can see in the photo, I wore laser panels on my midsection and just kicked back and relaxed. Laser lipo is completely noninvasive and actually really relaxing. Each session felt like a spa day to me.

laser lipo | Wonderful World of Bree

After the laser panels, the next step of the process was ultrasound cavitation. This process uses ultrasound radio waves to liquify fat cells and release their contents. Then it can get absorbed in your lymphatic system and be naturally eliminated from your body. You can actually hear the sound waves inside your own ears. If you listen closely to this video, you can hear it too!

The next step was to tighten the skin. After loosing inches, it’s important to reignite the collagen in that particular area of your skin. That way, your skin shrinks down as the fat is removed. To stimulate the body’s natural collagen production, you have to heat up the area. The goal is 40 degrees celsius in concentrated areas. The time it takes to heat up varies from person to person. Some people heat up immediately. Others, like me, take a little bit of time.

Next, it’s time to suction all the content out. Using this pain free suction, Sheila helped the emptied fat cells cycle down to my lymphatic system. This is also why it’s so important to drink water throughout this whole process. Yes, I had to pee constantly, but I knew my body was getting rid of those stubborn fat cells.

Finally, I stood on a machine that vibrated the remaining fat cells out. I stood on this fun machine for about five minute at the end of each session.

Each session is booked 3 – 4 days apart. If you book too far apart, you won’t see your optimum results. Here is my before and after. Although it may not look extremely dramatic, the measurements don’t lie. I lost over 3 inches on my hips and midsection! Most of the the inches fell off from my lower belly too!

Laser Lipo before and after | Wonderful World of Bree
Before After

Overall, this was such a great experience. Although I stopped at 8 sessions, I could have continued for the final 12 and seen even more results. Wave Body Sculpting is located right here in Las Vegas just off of Decatur and Sahara. If you are ready to finally get rid of your stubborn body fat, give Sheila a call at 702-279-4119. You can also see more of her before and afters on her Instagram.

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