My Five Favorite 30 Minutes or Less Abs Workouts

I love working out. But as a mom with a busy schedule, time is not always on my side. When I just have enough time to get a hardcore burn in, here are my favorite workouts to do under 30 minutes.

HIIT with a Pilates Twist

I absolutely love this style of training. It ranges about 28 minutes in total and includes four rounds of workouts. Before you know it, you’re sweating and finished!

Summer Abs

I love love love this summertime bootcamp workout series. Each video in this 6-week program is only 7 minutes! You repeat the workout four times and you’re done. This workout always takes care of my cardio and ab fix.

Crush those obliques in six minutes

Talk about a killer burn. I love doing this one because it focuses on my obliques and helps slim my waist. Blogilates is always my go to for a great workout too!

Five Minutes to Spare?

Some days I really only have five minutes to spare. Between the running around and keeping up with my toddler, workouts like this help me get the ab burn I need.

3 Minutes is All it Takes

I absolutely love this workout. It’s so home-friendly and you don’t need any equipment. I can say I’ve kept this in my workout routine for many years.

There you have it! My five favorite abs workouts under 30 minutes. As you can see, I’m a big Blogilates advocate. These workouts are amazing and get you results. Plus, they’re just fun! I’ll be sharing more of my favorite workout videos under 30 minutes for legs, butt and arms. Stay tuned!

All these videos feature Popflex Active clothing. You can purchase what you see here.

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