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Transform Yourself with the PIIT28 Challenge

Motherhood doesn’t always allow for a lot of free time. Especially time to work out. That’s why I’ve decided to take the PIIT28 Challenge from PopPilates creator, Cassey Ho.

I’ve lost my baby weight but still feel like I’m not my best self. I remember being so strong when I first got pregnant. Now, I struggle to even do one pull up! I needed to commit to something that could help give me back my confidence. Setting aside a short amount of time a day to work out will be a sacrifice, but I know I’ll be happy about it later. 

This 28 day system requires you to follow a Pilates inspired high intensity training six days a week.  The work out is only 28 minutes! Don’t think it’s super easy though. I started my day one yesterday and I was SWEATING!

Each work out begins with a short warm up and is followed by four rounds of a challenging routine. The program aims to push you to your limit in 45 second intervals and then reward you with a 15 second break in between each move. Once you’ve completed four rounds, you move on to a stretching cool down. 

Everything you need to stay on track and work out lives inside your PIIT portal that is only accessible if you purchase the system. You also get access to a whole community of others within the portal and on Facebook working towards their goals. Since PIIT28 is running a 50% off holiday special through December 3rd, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

There are a few different packages that you can choose from for as cheap as $40. There are three different levels of PIIT. Obviously 1.0 is the most basic. There is also the 28 Reset meal guide that can help accelerate weight loss.

  1. PIIT28 1.0
  2. PIIT28 Power Pack
  3. PIIT28 Transformation Pack
  4. Vegan Transformation Pack
  5. The 28 Day Reset 
  6. Vegan 28 Day Reset

Blogilates has also created some free PIIT work outs on YouTube that you can try if you’re on the fence about buying this program. 

I’ll be posting updates on my Instagram so you can follow me along my journey. If you want to join the movement and transform into your best self, you can buy the system here.

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