gifts for him

2018 Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts for Him

Guys can be very difficult to shop for. Some love video games. Others love to work out. And still some just want to live outdoors. Whatever hobby that special guy on your list has, this list will help narrow down your options.

Sports Wear

Gifts for Him

If your guy loves sports, you’ve got to get him a gift that helps him rep his team. Now, I may be a little biased by this pullover because the first option is the Lakers, but my husband wears his constantly! They go with almost everything thing he wants to wear and are perfect for game nights. 

Camping Hammock

gifts for him- camping hammock

Does your guy love these outdoors? Checkout this compact camping hammock. My friends actually had something similar on their wedding registry and they love it! It’s super easy to set up where ever you go and lightweight enough not to weight you down. This gift set comes with all the essentials you’ll need to take the party outdoors.

gifts for him

My husband is such a hipster. He’d rather listen to most music on vinyl. He goes crazy every time we go into a store and they have a vinyl section. Does this describe that special guy on your list? Get him the perfect gift for Christmas by finding his favorite artists and albums on vinyl. Honestly, nothing compares to listening to you favorite song through the record machine.

Robes and Slippers

gifts for him

The other day, my husband was just telling me how trashed his house slippers were. He constantly wears them, so it’s not a wonder they’re flat and ready to be thrown out. I also don’t believe he even has a robe. It get’s pretty chilly at our house during the winter time and I know he’d use these cozy items. A robe and slippers is such a classic gift for him and you can’t go wrong.

Fitness Gift Box

gifts for him

It seems like there’s just about a delivery box for every niche nowadays. Meals, clothes, dogs, etc. How about a healthy box? This clever gift packs a TON of healthy snacks filled with high protein for the fitness fanatic on your list. You have the option of a one time purchase or a full subscription. Give the gift of health this year.

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