Free Yoga in Downtown Summerlin

Tru Fusion is getting ready to open in the oh so popular Downtown Summerlin mall complex. In preparation for their big day, their teachers are hosting FREE yoga sessions on the lawn. Being the dedicated yogi I am, I packed my mat and headed downtown for my session.

dtlv-yogaUpon arrival, there were dozens of colored mats covering the lawn.Most members were dressed in their best lululemon attire. I, on the other hand, stuck to my TJ-Max discounted brand.

I rolled out my mat on the pristine lawn and admired the glittering canopy above me. From left to right, the open area was filled with yogis of all levels. Each member performed their personal warm as they prepared for the class ahead.

Lisa Davis, the instructor for the evening, placed herself on her blue mat and began leading the class through a Restorative Yin flow. Yin focuses on keeping the heart rate steady and allowing the body to melt into each pose. Most positions are held for several minutes.

Over the years, I’ve experience many styles of yoga all over the city. But this was my first twilight yoga experience. As I lay folded on my hot pink mat, I noticed the cool breeze combing through the field. I gazed at the west mountains igniting orange and red as the sun set in the sky. The entire experience was tranquil.

Despite being surrounded by a freeway and busy mall, I noticed only the quite field. I didn’t feel the need to compete with the yogis to my left and right. I was still in the moment.

These classes are running through September 20 with a different session Tuesday – Thursday and Sunday. All classes are 7 – 8 p.m. Checkout the full schedule here.

  • Sept 7 from 7pm – 8pm: Pilates by Sammie Mack
  • Sept 8 from 7pm – 8pm: TruFusion Series by Shannon Yee
  • Sept 11 from 7pm – 8pm: Class Type and Teacher TBD
  • Sept 13 from 7pm – 8pm: Vinyasa (ZFlow) by Rosemary Birchard
  • Sept 14 from 7pm – 8pm: Pilates by Sammie Mack
  • Sept 15 from 7pm – 8pm: Vinyasa (Flow) by David Vander Meer
  • Sept 18 from 7pm – 8pm: Vinyasa (Baptiste) by Whitney Owens
  • Sept 20 from 7pm – 8pm: Vinyasa (Baptiste) by Susan Holmes

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