20s. funeral photoshoot

Nelson’s Ghost Town

Just outside of the Las Vegas city limits lies Nelson’s Ghost Town. This immersive Las Vegas landmark takes you back to the Western Days and gives endless opportunities for photo ops, discoveries, and even speciality events. 

Along both sides of the road, old cars, planes, and buildings litter the desert landscape. For just a small fee of $10, you can have hours of access to this area. Or, you can choose a private tour of the historic mining town.

Locals and tourists flock to Nelson’s Ghost Town to get a picture-perfect background for their special occasion. And we were a few of those locals. Instead of celebrating something new, we said goodbye to our last decade with this Death to Our 20s photo shoot.

All photos by Jesse J. Sutherland

Although it was ridiculously windy, we explored the old cars, planes, and scenery and grabbed some Adam’s family-style poses. 

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Nelson’s Ghost Town, be mindful of the weather. It’s brutal in the Mojave Desert and you don’t want to get caught in triple-digit days. I’d recommend planning a visit in the late fall or winter. 

What are some of your favorite photo spots in or near Vegas?

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