Places to Visit in Las Vegas: Avengers Station at Treasure Island

Looking for a cool place to take the whole family? Check out Avengers Station at Treasure Island! Whether you’ve seen a few super hero movies or are an avid fan, Avengers Station is a great time. Here’s what to know before you plan you visit.


Avengers station Las Vegas

Like most Las Vegas attractions, Avengers Station isn’t cheap. Here are the prices:

  • 3 and under – Free
  • 4 to 11 – $30
  • 12 and up – $40

Your ticket gives you a behind-the-scenes look at multiple rooms, costumes, and Marvel experiences as a secret agent.

The Tour

The experience starts with a green screen where you can have you photos taken with the whole crew.

Then you go to the debrief of your mission to learn everything about the Avengers. From there, you are sent into and endless discovery of the super hero team.

Inside you’ll discover the science behind their powers, see their weapons and vehicles, and of course costumes!

The end of the tour was my favorite. You jump in as an Avenger and fight the bad guys! Basically, you’re using a phone to battle a screen, but it was awesome! Even my toddler figured it out, so it’s a great treat for the whole fam.


Upon leaving the tour, you can purchase your photos. They’re pretty pricey so we just grabbed one shot. The rest of the store has some cool and even mor expensive finds. So prep your kids, and your wallets, for this shop.

Head to my Instagram to see a video of this experience!

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