Birthday cake smash

30th Birthday Cake Smash

I’m 30! It’s crazy that I’ve finally made it to this milestone. In honor of this big birthday, I decided to do a cake smash photo shoot.

For those of you unfamiliar with cask smashes, it’s a photo shoot typically done on a child’s first birthday. Unfortunately, these shoots weren’t a thing in 1993 when I turned one. So, 30 is my chance to make it happen!

I wanted my photos to be childlike and fun. So I bought a pink decor set, a multicolored baby doll dress, and a confetti covered cake. It was also important to me to include my son in the shoot. After all, what three year old doesn’t want to smash a cake.

So we set up the scene indoors, blew up a ton of balloons, and had a mini party in the living room. Here’s how it went!

Is your birthday coming up? I hope you try some of these cake smash ideas too!

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