‘Naaaamaste’ at Goat Yoga Las Vegas

IMG_8657Have you tried the newest craze in fitness? Goat Yoga. Yup, you heard me right. These four-legged furries are taking over the yoga scene with Goat Yoga Las Vegas. And let me tell you, this isn’t your average yoga class.

I signed up for a sunset yoga class and headed to Western Trail Park. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was pretty excited to see a pen full of baby goats when I arrived. I walked into the main enclosure and set my mat up facing the outside of the fence. Note: don’t bring anything into the class you don’t want the goats to mess with.

goat yoga instructor with goats

Holly and her goats

Holly was our instructor and directed us on exactly how the class would run. She had prepared a simple, beginner series and filled it full of goat selfie opportunities. You’ve probably seen the Instagram pictures of people holding fabulous poses with goats on top of them. I planned on getting exactly that. So, I was ridiculously excited to say the least.

We began our series with some down dogs and folded forward stretches and moved to our first photo-op. We took all fours and worked in a few cat cows before holding the pose and inviting the goats to join in a photo. Holly’s assist was well prepared with food to lure the goats into our pictures.

And let me just say, these little goats are very food motivated. At one point, I had more than one goat trying to climb on me at a time! But, I still got some awesome photos.


We even joined shoulder to shoulder and made a goat train. Holly and her assistance sprinkled treats along our backs and the goats started running!

goat on girls back - Goat Yoga

We then headed back to our mats to continue some sun salutations and get a least a little bit of a workout in. Then, photo-op number two was being created. Depending on our comfort level, we could either hold a wheelbarrow and bridge pose and have a goat stand on our stomach. I was a little nervous about several baby goats jumping on my stomach, but I went for the wheelbarrow anyways.

woman doing wheelbarrow yoga pose with goats

It was actually calmer than I thought. The goats were getting a little lazy and didn’t want to jump up that far. Instead, Holly’s assistant placed a little goat on my stomach and she waited for her photo. Once she was up there, some of her goat friends did decide to swarm underneath me though.

woman bottle feeding goats - Goat YogaAt the end of class, we were all invited to line up and feed the baby goats their bottles. At this point, I have plenty of experience bottle feeding but these goats were 100 times hungrier than my son has ever been. They were going crazy for their bottles!

Despite only doing beginner moves, I was pretty sore the next day. It was probably from trying to hold still while goats jumped all over me!

Goat Yoga Las Vegas has been around for two years and has been making their way around the city. They have recently added Tivoli Village to their stop and are now booking private events. All of the goats are well taken care of and live at Jeffry’s Farm and Petting Zoo 2 U. Classes are $30 a person and can be booked here.

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