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Best Products for Nursing Moms

Being a new mom is difficult and overwhelming. Add on learning how to breastfeed and your plate is full! It’s been five months now since I’ve been nursing and it took a while to get a hang. Once I got over the never-ending stress of guessing how much my baby was drinking, I was fine.

In the midst of getting the hang of the mom life, I had a few lifesaving products to help me make it through. Here are a list of breastfeeding accesories and nursing essentials for new moms.

Milk Storage BagsBest Products for Nursing Moms As part of the breastfeeding experience, many moms are also introduced to pumping. When you are away from the baby and don’t want to use formula, pumping is a must. I asked for a few hundred bags on my registry originally and would have added more if I knew how much I would use these. At first, it was only a bag a day. Now that I’m back to work, I’m using 3-4 bags a day, everyday. These awesome bags safely store your precious liquid gold and are freezer safe. This is one item I also make sure is stocked in my house and pumping bag.

Nursing Pads best nursing products for new momsThese are seriously a life saver. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had leak accidents because I forgot to put these on. Any brand will do, but make sure you stock up. The worse thing you can do is run out and have to go into the office without support. If you’re like me, you’ll surely need a few shirt changes.

Hands-free Pumping Bra

I really don’t know what I would do without this. My sister originally recommended this to me and boy am I glad. I can’t imagine having to hold the pumps during each session! It’s great to have my hands free to just relax or soothe the baby who almost always cries right when I begin pumping.

Pumping Cleaning Wipes

best nursing products for new momsIf you’re pumping near a sink, these may not be in your pumping bag or station. If you’re pumping on the go, these disposable wipes help to keep your pump clean and ready for the next session. I keep these in my bag for work because I don’t always have access to a bathroom. It also wasn’t something I thought about when I created my registry. My sister gave me a pack and I love them!

Nursing Bra and Cami

Regular bras don’t always work for breastfeeding moms. A nursing bra is a must for me when I’m anywhere near my baby. Trying to fumble around with a traditional wired bra is just annoying. Nursing bras have a simple snap on either cup that allows you full access to feed your baby. Nursing camis work the same way, except they don’t have a wire. I highly recommend some camis for bedtime.


best nursing products for new momsI can’t say enough about my Boppy pillow. As my son gets bigger and bigger, he also gets heavier. This little pillow is perfect for propping him up during feedings and taking the weight off my arms. I also used it and a smaller version for tummy time. Now, it even helps him sit up when he needs a little back support.

What items would you deem as the best products for nursing moms?

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