Yoga When You’re Sick

Uh oh. The season sickness has discovered me. Despite all the Vitamin C I’ve been downing and  my regular sleep and excise, I’ve been found out.

It started with a headache and has grown into exhaustion. If you’re like me, slowing down isn’t in your vocabulary. A break from my daily workout routine is the hardest part of being sick. But at this moment, even walking up the stairs is a feat of its own.

So here are a few Yoga moves that are okay when you’re sick. Remember, pay attention to what your body needs and don’t exert yourself. These moves are designed to relieve tension and help your body to find the relaxation it needs.

Reclined Twist

Benefits: full body stretch, releases tension, detoxify organs



Supported Back Bend

Benefits: spinal stretch, reverses all day hunching from couch or computer


Bridge Pose

Benefits: breaks up congestion, sends fresh blood to your head


Plow Pose

Benefits: breaks up congestion




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