Crossfit Is No Joke


Team Z takes Crossfit

I’ve succumbed to the hype of finding the ultimate, fit version of myself. After watching the amazing strength and endurance during the Crossfit Games, I considered jumping into the culture and testing it for myself.

Session one: Crossfit Apollo

Several friends of mine speak highly of this place. They love it so much they’re willing to roll out of bed at the crack of dawn and endure torture. So I thought, “If they can do it, why can’t I?”

My husband and I entered the gym, not knowing what to expect. The small warehouse was filled with rowing machines, kettle bells, and an apparatus of some sort taking up the majority of the room. Everyone seemed relatively friendly and welcoming

We kicked off the class with a 400 meter jog outside. I was glad the 115 degree Vegas heat had subsided by 6:30 p.m. After the short jaunt, we proceeded to a three-man team warm-up.

Objective: sprint across the room as fast as you can, complete assigned burpees or squats and bear crawl back to tag your partner.

Now, I’m competitive but the size of the “professional” crossfitter to my right was a little intimidating. Needless to say, I did my best and proudly broke a new personal air time record for burpees.

Stretching was next. It was your average static stretching.We continued to move across the room rotating hips, lunging out hip flexors, loosening up shoulders and working on balance. We finished our warm-up with a short pass across money bars. (Say hello to grip strength)

The official Workout of the Day (WOD) was a 20 minute circuit that included kettle bell swings, 10 calorie rows and sit-ups. These were done partner style, which made for a great break from the nonstop movement.


Team Z partnered up and began the circuit. If you’ve ever rowed before, you may understand the large amount of muscles included. I, however, was unprepared for how intense this course of action was. Kettle bell swings were next. These took me several rounds to master. I didn’t have the luxury of trying the baby weight on my first try. Hello 30 pound overhead swings! I finished the round with sit-ups – finally something I knew I was good at. Pouring in sweat, I counted out my last sit-up and my husband took his turn.
I treasured those few minutes of rest before my next round. Throughout the room, everyone shouted encouragement – pushing eachother to show these workouts who’s boss. It was almost a team like atmosphere where every was competing against a clock not eachother. As the clock dwindled down, everyone in their room fought for their remaining reps.

“Times up!”

My husband took this victory as his opportunity to lie on the floor for a cool minute. I knew if I sat down, I probably wasn’t getting back up.

Just when I thought the class was over, the instructor announced free time. I was shocked that these crossfiters still had the will to keep working after that 20 minute torture session. I didn’t want to feel weak so I decided to show my skills on rope climbs. My years of aerial training easily prepared me to pull some simple tricks out of my pocket.

Several minutes later, class was officially over. Drenched in sweat and calorie deprived, we headed out to refuel.

Before experiencing my first class, I knew crossfit would be difficult. I didn’t doubt that it would test my mind and body’s boundaries. But seriously, crossfit is no joke. Still, this culture will be in my future.

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