My 7 Day Health Challenge: Day 7

Today is the day! It’s my final day of this super strict cleanse. For the first time this whole week, I didn’t feel the overwhelming doom of what I was going to eat. I was just natural for me to choose healthy veggies to start my day.

Lunch was even simpler because I was able to incorporate brown rice. The rice settled a lot quicker than I had imagined. All week I never experience that heavy, solidly full feeling that carbs bring. It was actually encouraging knowing that I can choose other types of food and be content.

I ended my day by going far above my water requirement. It’s great because now drinking 64+ oz of water is habit. I don’t have to trick myself in to drinking what I need.

Here’s this weeks benefits:

  • Visible muscle definition: I do see a significant change in my abdominal and thigh muscles. I’ve been exercising almost every day this week and it really has paid off with this cleanse.
  • Extreme hair and nail growth: My hair and nails are long and strong from filling my body with all the vitamins I never knew I needed.
  • Craving for the healthy options: It’s easy to say no to cookies and donuts that are always cluttering my office. I hunger for healthy choices that give me energy.

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