My 7 Day Health Challenge: Day 6

I started my day a little differently. Instead of sorting through which veggies and protein I would cook, I created a green smoothie. Now there’s a ton of recipes out there for green smoothies. The best guide I’ve found came from Pinterest. Here’s what I used.
This is what I do! except I juice a whole bundle of kale and put that in with like a cup of peaches and a cup of frozen mango and a little fruit juice and a little fruit and veggie powder I get from my nutritionist and it's AMAZING :) I crave this drink:

The rest of the day went easy knowing that my freedom of normal eating was coming back. Even attending a BBQ, I was able to create a healthier version of the catered tacos. Dinner was a breeze as well.

My husband and I had a date night with my parents and ate at Cabo Mexican restaurant. Instead of munching on their endless tortillas chips and salsa, I waited for my main course. I happily enjoyed their steak and seafood plate filled with fresh veggies.

I’ve consumed a ton more water than I thought was possible. Between the heat and protein heavy meals, I knew my digestive system needed a little extra help.

And now on to the final day.

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