My 7 Day Health Challenge: Day 2

I have never been so happy to eat a potato. After a full day of eating only fruit, I was dying for some kind of

Today is all about veggies. Every kind, cooked or raw. Don’t get me wrong, I love veggies. But after a bowl full of steamed broccoli following veggie soup and cucumbers, all I can think about is pizza.

So, I drank black coffee. Never in my life did I think I would make that statement. I love coffee but it better be flavored. Not sure if my taste buds are exulting in my change from water, but it was good. Now I’m “one of those” adults.

The dinner struggle was real. I’ve realized my love for dressing trumps my actual love of salad. Still, I made it work with a tomato salsa concoction. I even avoided splurging on my friends homemade pudding dip. (BTW is amazing – vanilla pudding and cool whip)

Yet another successful day. Now on to Day 3.

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