My 7 Day Health Challenge: Day 1

Although I workout religiously, the holiday weekends got the best of me. Pizza, burgers, ice cream and home-made apple pie. I knew I needed to try something drastic to get back on track.

gm dietSo, I put myself to the test. 7 days of a strict diet with no cheating.So here’s my day by day recap of jump starting healthy choices.

Day One

Everyone loves fruit right? Well, after a full day of ignoring your craving for sweets, fruit is the enemy.

The evening was the hardest. I prepared my own make shift meal but couldn’t forget about my husbands love for carbs. As he slurped his spaghetti, I tricked myself into believing watermelon was better than noodles. And it gets worse. Later, as I sipped my veggie soup, he decided to plop down on the couch next to me and finish our cookie dough ice cream.

None the less, I succeeded in fighting the constant temptations. Now, on to Day 2.

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