My 7 Day Health Challenge: Day 3

Initially I thought I’d be exhausted with this extreme change in diet. But I have so much energy. I find myself easily drinking my 64 oz of water and no having a midday slump. I’ve still been doing mild exercise and felt extremely strong.

Today was fruits and vegetables. Thank God for more variety. After yesterday, I didn’t think I could look at broccoli the same. I changed it up with a few new steamed veggie choices and fruits.
meal prep

The hardest part about this challenge is the meal prep and planning. I really have to commit myself to think about what I will eat. I have to take the time to plan the next day’s meal and make sure I have the correct proportions.

Dinner seems to be the most difficult part of the day. Kudos to vegans and vegetarians for their diet devotion. I just want some chicken.

Despite my cravings, I made it and even included a little more exercise thanks to my husband and Pokemon Go.

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