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What’s Up December

Wow. So it’s been several months since I’ve put my fingers to the keyboard for my own blog. Don’t be worried. This writer hasn’t given up her passion. I still write short and long-form pieces on a daily basis. However, most of it is not for me. And that was the point of this whole blog. It was an outlet for me to keep writing. No matter what it was about or where I was living, this website was created to make sure I never give up on my first love. 

Now that we’re nearly into 2022, I’ve decided to really buckle down and make sure I’m still writing for myself. Recently, I’ve started writing a few short stories here and there just to keep the gears going. Even if it’s just an hour once a week, I know it’s something I have to do. So with all that said, I wanted to give some filler on what’s been going on these last couple of months. 

Starting Pre-K Adventures

First Day of Pre-K

As many readers have seen on my other blogs and Instagram, I am a mom to a very, very, very busy toddler. This dude keeps me active pretty much around the clock. So this year, we started looking into Pre-K at the school nearby and entered him into their lottery. Praise Jesus he got in!

So all summer, we prepped him, and ourselves, for this big step and got ready for the first day of school in August. I knew that I would be pretty emotional given that my once tiny baby was suddenly growing up. But seriously, I was a wreck! I started crying before we even parked! And it wasn’t even the cute quiet cry. I was full-on ugly crying while trying to make my son feel excited about the first day of school. And when we dropped him off, he didn’t even cry!

The next few days during the week were a little difficult and we had some rough mornings. However, we’re a whole semester in and we’re all doing much better. Plus this dude is learning like crazy!

Changes in the Driveway

White Mamba

For years, I held on to my college car. My 2013 Scion TC aka “White Mamba” played a major role in the decade of my 20s. It was the first car I bought on my own. It was the car I took on so many road trips as a college student and even as a new wife. I put over 100K miles on that car making memories with friends, family, and my dogs. I’d always contemplated when I would outgrow this car. For one, getting a toddler into a coupe is not awesome. And we were constantly using our Jeep for everyday errands and family road trips anyways. Most days, my car just sat in the driveway. So this Fall I decided to start looking at something new. 

I wanted a luxurious car to drive into my 30s with this January. And I didn’t want to settle. So after weeks of looking at cars online and test driving a few, I finally made my decision. 

Driving Home in My New Audi A6

It was hard to say goodbye to my TC even though I knew it was going to help someone in need. And I don’t regret getting a new car, but it was so hard to say goodbye. Taking that “BREEE” license plate of the TC was like fully closing a chapter in my book of life. My 20s are quickly coming to an end and that car helped define who I was during that time period.

Pre-K and getting a new car was probably the most newsworthy thing to happen in these last few months. This fall though, we housed a guest for a bit, said goodbye to some great neighbors, and just welcomed a new family next door. We even went trick or treating for the first time in our neighborhood and met a slew of kids. It was pretty cool to see how many nice people live right around the corner.

Now, we’re all focusing on Christmas gatherings and the new year celebrations following closely behind. As I think about what the next year looks like, some of it is clear and most of it unknown. But there is one thing I know for sure. I’m hitting a big milestone on January 14 and I’m going to make every effort to enter my 30s loving like Jesus.

“’Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. ‘ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. ‘”  – Matthew 22:37 – 39

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