Family christmas photo ideas

Family Christmas Photo Ideas

The holidays have arrived! Christmas is around the corner. And one of my favorite Christmas traditions is photos! If you haven’t gotten your family photoshoot done, here are some ideas that you can do with a small setup and a camera.

Hot Cocoa Station

Hot chocolate is basically a staple for the holidays. So why not throw it into your photos! The trick with getting this picture is to pre-make the drinks. And by that, I mean using glue and paint to give it this appearance.

Photo by Choose Life Photography

Christmas Decor

You already likely have tons of decor set up in your house. Make dual use of it and include it in your photo backdrop! Whether it’s a sign, a wreath, a tree, or even a blanket, these pieces can really spruce up your photos.

Photo by Choose Life Photography

Let It Snow!

Even if you live in the snowless desert like me, you can still bring the snow to you in your photoshoot. Throw some snowballs. Or blow some fake snow around. Even though it’s not watery and icey, your whole family will still have a good time.

Under the Tree

Pet photos seriously are the hardest. And mine only respond to treat bribery. So for these photos, I used my iPhone and snagged pictures of them while they were already laying under the tree. Tip:  Make sure there is no weird decor that your pets can get a hold of under the tree during the shoot.

And the most important part of any holiday photo is the clothing. Whether you mix match plaid or pull on matching PJs, make sure you’re comfortable. The only point of the shoot is to do something together. And you will not get fun, memorable shots if you are itchy and uncomfortable.

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