Marvel Halloween Photo Ideas

Halloween Photo Ideas

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Yes, I love the candy, but I love the costumes and parties even more. All year, I look forward to creating the perfect group costume and individual displays. My favorite part, which has become a tradition now, is a Halloween photoshoot! It has become our annual tradition to dress out best and take some fun photos before we start trick or treating. Wondering how you can stage some cool, spooky scenes? Here are some ideas.

Grab Multiple Costumes

For Halloween, I don’t believe in limiting myself, or my son, to one costume. I like to save the best for Halloween night, but I always like to have other options for other celebrations. From trunk or treats to parades and pre-Halloween parties, I recommend having a different outfit for each event. Once you’ve decided on that, it makes it even that more fun to do costume changes during your shoot. For our family, we did a mixture of Marvel, Wrestling, The Office, and Mario Kart.

Involve the Whole Family

I love to plan a group costume and have an outfit for each member of my family, including costumes for my dogs. So when we chose Marvel for our outfits, I dressed my dogs as spiders and Spiderman. To go with our Mario Kart theme, I found a princess dress for my pup too. 

Use Your Outside Space

A Halloween photoshoot doesn’t have to be complicated. Use the space that you already have! We do our annual shoot right in front of our house. We set up the lights and camera and roll through different scenes in our outfits. My son gets a kick out of using props for his photos too and really gets into character.

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