DIY movie room

DIY Home Movie Room

Since the pandemic has kept us staying in more often, we decided to finally work on transforming our downstairs loft into a movie room! Since we moved in about a year ago, we brainstormed ideas of how to create our epic space. Due to limitations on leaving the house, we recently put our ideas into practice and got to work.

DIY movie room, mom dog and son on chair


Our first step in creating the movie room was deciding what kind of seating we wanted. We loved the oversized theater seats at the movies and wanted to bring that experience home. So, we headed to OfferUp and looked for some gently-used recliners. After sorting through quite a few options, we finally found a trio that would fit perfect in the room.

DIY movie room chairs

We knew that three seats wouldn’t be enough though. We debated building a platform and installing another row of recliners. After looking at the cost, it was all starting to be way past our budget. Instead, we started looking at LoveSac. Don’t get me wrong, LoveSac furniture can be very expensive. The smallest, kid-sized sac alone is several hundred dollars. Luckily, we were able to bargain with a seller for two gently-used Super Sacs that cost less than $1,000 for the both of them. These giant egg-shaped cushions are now the highlight of the room!


A theater room wouldn’t be complete without movie posters and memorabilia. With so many movies to choose from, it was difficult to decide on just a few. Inevitably, we split the decision 50/50. I chose two posters and my husband chose another two. Since we both LOVE Star Wars wall decor, we hung a few extra signs that we could both more easily agree upon.

Entertainment Center

The final touch of our movie room was the main event, the TV and entertainment center. On the TV, we added LED TV lights to enhance whatever we were watching or playing and installed a sound bar. Our entertainment center, courtesy of IKEA, was also set up to display all of our other movie collectibles. From Star Wars Funko pops to collectible popcorn tins, there’s a spot for something from every movie we love.

Eventually, we’d likely add in a snack bar or maybe even an official popcorn maker. But for the moment, we’re pretty pleased with this DIY movie room we put together.

Have any ideas to share on how you got creative with your spaces at home?

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