Staying positive in Quarantine

Staying positive in quarantine, wonderful world of bree

One of the most difficult things I’ve had to learn to do these past couple of months is to stay positive. When businesses started closing down due to COVID-19, it kinda felt like the world was ending. Never in my lifetime have I experienced something like this. I never imagined I’d wonder which store would have my son’s apple sauce or if my family members would still have jobs. I never questioned my security or wondered what tomorrow would look like.

In these times, faith and positivity are the only things I had to hold on to. It’s easy to get consumed with the negative news on TV and social media, panic across the country and or even depression in my own inner circles. I admit, some days I’ve just found it hard to feel normal. But when I stop trying to filter my life through the filter the world creates being positive is simple.

The Bible says, “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” – Colossians 3:2

When I set my gaze and focus on what truly matters, everything else doesn’t seem as bad. Being positive doesn’t seem as difficult.

How are you staying positive during this unprecedented time?

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