How to Host A Sprinkle Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower for kid number 2, 3, or even 4? Throw a sprinkle baby shower! Most parents end up with a lot of recycled clothes and toys that can be used for younger siblings. In most cases they don’t need as many items as they did the first time around. That’s why a sprinkle baby shower is so perfect! You can sprinkle the mama to be , again, with encouragement and the handful of things she really needs – like diapers and wipes. Its the perfect theme for a boy or girl too!

I helped host a sprinkle baby shower for my sister and she welcomed baby boy number 3! We wanted to do something different but also use a theme we could get creative with. Here’s what we did.

Colorful Decorations

How to Host a Sprinkle Baby Shower, balloon are and gift table

Sprinkles come in all colors so we wanted to channel that with our decorations. We decided to incorporate a colorful balloon arch over the gift table, which we placed a sprinkle table cloth on, and paired it with a bear diaper cake and a diaper bubble bath. How cute did this turn out!

How to host a sprinkle baby shower, diaper cake

Right across from the gift table, we lined up the activity table. Here we hung some foil “Oh Baby” balloons we found online.

Baby Games

How to host a baby shower, baby games

Since this was my sister’s third baby shower, we wanted to do some nontraditional games. We decided to create diaper pong (which by the way was a hit!), set up sprinkle bowling (colored baby bottles filled with sprinkles) , and hand out a “Who knows mom best?” Trivia game. Of course we also had delivery and weight guesses and a diaper raffle.

Tasty Treats

How to host a sprinkle baby shower , dessert table

Since our party was at night, we put out sandwiches and LOTS of desserts. We had blue cake pops, sprinkle cookies, Rice Krispie treats and cupcakes – basically something for everyone.

How to host a sprinkle baby shower , sprinkle cookie s

Momosa Bar

How to host a sprinkle baby shower , mimosa mocktail

Inspired by bottomless mimosa brunches, we created a pregnancy-friendly mocktail bar. We set out “fancy” (thank you dollar store) and filled them with frozen fruit, orange juice and sparkling water. It was one of my favorite stations at the party.

Sprinkle Photos

How to host a sprinkle baby shower , group photo

Every good party needs a backdrop. For ours, we hung a white sheet and covered it with long balloons to create the idea of sprinkles.

And that was our sprinkle baby shower! Hope you can add some fun ideas like these to your next shower.

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