What’s Up Wednesday

cat on counter with food and keyboard

This week’s update is bittersweet. Lots of big changes are coming my way in the next few weeks, but they are all good.

animal foundation employee | Wonderful World of BreeNew Job

You heard that right. In just a of couple weeks, I will be starting a new job. For the last two years, I have been working at The Animal Foundation here in Las Vegas. It’s been such a great experience learning about animal welfare and being a part of the solution to helping lost and unwanted animals. Working here has been very emotional at times too. Although I am sad to say goodbye, I am very excited to start my new venture.

I’m going to be working with a company called Kingdom Home and managing marketing for their newest businesses The Lotus House and Listing Masters. These companies are locally owned and were created to help people make their dreams come true. In a way, I will still be giving back to the community. Afterall, people make a house a home.

freedom barre | Wonderful World of BreeFreedom Barre Instructor

It’s official! I am a certified Freedom Barre instructor! I worked so hard for the last couple of months to get my submission video just right. And it paid off! I filmed my live class a couple weeks ago and was so nervous I could’ve thrown up. I had rehearsed my choreo over and over and prayed for everything to go perfectly. That was not the case. My music was a hot mess the entire class!

Thankfully, my friend whose class I took over, supported me the whole way through and manually ran my music. Everyone in the class was also very forgiving and sweated right alongside me for the entire hour! I persevered through these issues and I am so happy I didn’t have rerecord. Now, I get to learn the newest tracks and teach them live!

I don’t have any other huge updates just yet. My husband and I are working on decorating our house including creating a craft corner for me, converting our downstairs living room into a home theater and giving our backyard a face lift. We saw some inspiring looks at Ikea that I think we will be applying. Be sure to read my blog and follow my IG for updates.


That’s all for me this week! Hope you have a great rest of yours.


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