What’s Up Wednesday

cat on counter with food and keyboard

So I did it again. I got off schedule. Although it’s a full week late, I made it here to my midweek update.

The August of Celebrations

kids in water jumper | Wonderful World of Bree

This month seems like everyone I know is turning a year older. Almost every weekend I have a party booked. Don’t get me wrong, I love an excuse to hang out and swim under the sun. I’m just running out of gift bags! Still, we’ve had a blast swimming laps, sliding down waterslides and having water fights.

This August has been such a great way to end the summer. Weekends full of fun and workdays that seem to fly by. This week seems to be going a little extra fast because of my busy weekend ahead. This Saturday is Clear the Shelters! This is an annual FREE adoption event that many shelters participate in nationwide. This will be my third Clear the Shelters and I just love seeing so many happy faces. It really is all hands on deck for The Animal Foundation, but it’s worth it. Last year we adopted out over 230 animals and this year we are hoping to hit 300. If you’re ready to bring home a new furry friend, checkout The Animal Foundation.

Pantone 294

Dodger Fans at Aviator Game | Wonderful World of Bree

The ultimate Dodger’s fan club, Pantone 294, brought L.A. to Las Vegas. The Oklahoma City Dodgers played the Las Vegas Aviators a couple weekends back and we saw the whole show! Although we only drove 30 minutes to the stadium, it felt like we were really at home. The whole crowd around us was wearing their Dodger blue. If you haven’t been to an Aviators game, better get your tickets now. The season is almost up!

Instructor Update

I have been working my butt off getting ready to submit my instructor video. AND, tomorrow is the day. I’ve made lots of supportive, instructor friends that have helped me along this journey. Tomorrow, I teach my first live class at 5:30pm! I’m totally freaking out and praying I don’t blank. Once I complete this, I send in my video and *fingers crossed* my official certification will follow! Watch my IG for more updates.

AC’s Favorite Chair

Baby in Harry Potter Chair | Wonderful World of Bree

I finally did it. I bought the Harry Potter chair from Pottery Kids that I’ve been eyeing since December. (You may have already seen it on my feed.) It was pretty pricey, but totally worth it. It has a hand-stitched Hogwarts crest and my son’s initials as well. He absolutely LOVES it.

Well, that’s it for this week. Short and sweet. I will continue to do my best to keep up with these updates. Hope you have a great week!

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