What’s Up Wednesday

Wow. What a week is has been! Here’s my midweek updated.

cat on counter with food and keyboard

New Job Who this?

girl outside | Wonderful World of Bree

That’s right! I have officially started on the marketing team at Listing Masters. I’m working out of a beautiful home complete with two pools (indoor and out) that will be a full working special events venue next year. The drive to work is so much smoother since I’m quietly placed here in the northwest. It took me a whole ten minutes to get into the office! But that’s not even the best part.

Everyone I have met here is so passionate about their jobs and super friendly. There were no awkward new girl moments. I’m still trying to remember everyone’s names, but there are a lot of folks coming in and out during the day.

lotus house pool | Wonderful World of Bree

I’m really able to put all of my marketing skills into practice. These first few days have been a little slow since part of my team is at a training conference, but the quiet has been nice. I’ve really been able to get into the nitty gritty of their marketing and build a strategic digital plan. Yesterday, I was also able to tour the current remodels and see some finished products. #mindblown These teams really know home to create beauty.

Now, I’m getting to do the things I love like write. I’ve been deemed the curator of stories. I get to craft the testimonials of families who received their dream home and get the companies message out.

New Blog Inspirations

shop my feed | Wonderful World of Bree

I’ve been exploring other bloggers and influencers to get some new inspiration. I’ve found some interesting women that use their affiliate programs to the max. One woman literally walks around target posting photos of their products and has created a shoppable feed. She’s gained so much attention that Target has even partnered with her one some things. I was quite inspired and added this to my feed as well. In the mean time, I’m looking through my closet to see what other affiliate programs could fit in.

One blog inspiration I found yesterday was so simple. It’s called Sunday Seven. This author literally did a weekly recap of 7 things she was thankful for, enjoyed or just appreciated that week. Some points were just photos of her family time. Others were conversations she had. I’m thinking about adding something like this as well. How refreshing to focus on the good? I think we could all use a moment to talk about what we’re grateful for. Keep an eye out for a series like this on my blog too.

fall decor | Wonderful World of Bree

A Busy Jump into Fall

September is literally crazy for me. Each week is filled with concerts and celebrations. Now, I’m not complaining. I’m thankful for every moment to make memories with my friends and family. I’m just so happy it’s cool enough to enjoy a meal outside! I’ll be posting all the fun – like the One Republic Concert! – on my Instagram.

Have a great week!

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