What’s Up Wednesday

cat on counter with food and keyboard

Happy Wednesday! Boy is this week flying by. As promised, here is my midweek update.

Social Break

Lately, I’ve been feeling unenthusiastic about my social presence. My job requires me to run multiple social channels. I’m constantly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for 8 hours a day. I believe this is finally deterring me from having fun on my own stuff. I find myself leaving my phone on a separate floor of my house. In a way, it’s kind of freeing. I’m not tied down to that technology and can just enjoy some family or quiet time.

One side of me loves it, but then the other side knows that sharing my faith and life with others on these mediums could lead them to Jesus. Now, I’m not saying that my faith sharing is limited to blogging and social media, but it has become a large part. I can’t tell you how many other women I have connected with because I chose to be a Christian blogger. Just last week I received a really thoughtful message on Instagram from a woman that wanted to thank me for my account. She was genuinely happy, and refreshed, to see something different.

So that’s where I’m at. I’m trying to decide how to navigate all of this mess without letting myself get burned out. I’ve come up with a few ideas that you’ll start to notice on my channels. One being this midweek update and two others being #thoughtfulthursday and #soulfulsunday.


I have been working my butt off. After my training workshop for Freedom Barre, I was given 90 days to submit a completion video. Every day, I’ve been spending time perfecting the tracks I am supposed to teach. With so much background in cheer and dance, I thought it would be a breeze. I’m not sure if I’ve gotten lazy over the past five years or my smaller list of priorities made it easier to learn routines back then. Some nights, these tracks completely kick my butt. I’ve wanted to give up and say this isn’t for me, but I can’t.

For the last couple of years, God has laid this dream on my heart. Serve others and bring Jesus into fitness. If mother earth and all that nonsense can fit into yoga, why can’t I sprinkle in Jesus? That’s my big idea. I dream of touring parks and offering a fitness class that is infused with scripture. I want to teach fun group classes at people’s houses and help them learn a little bit about the gospel. This idea feels crazy and overwhelming and so awesome at the same time. My only answer is that is has to have come from God. And when my friend basically laid this certification in my lap, I knew the fun was about to begin.

I shared these feelings of inadequacy with a friend and he encouraged me more than he realized. He was completely real about it and helped me see that I was kinda made for this. Although it’s hard and I could be doing a million other things, I will keep pushing myself to learn these tracks and see where God is taking me

Home Sweet Home

On a happy note, we are in full decorating mode to make our new house feel like home. We’ve hung a few pictures and put my son’s Harry Potter room back in order. (FYI wall stickers may not survive a move. We are ordering brand new ones.) My husband is slowly turning the downstairs living room into his dream office space. Wrestling and sports memorabilia are up and in very neat displays. I added a few vinyl phrases in the laundry and kitchen (thanks to Hobby Lobby) that I am very proud of. Everything is really starting to come together.

Well that’s it for my update. Hope you’re having a great week and until next time!

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