What’s Up Wednesday?

cat on counter with food and keyboard

Boy has it been a crazy month already. Between moving and work transitions, I’ve barely had a moment to just write. I want to keep this going every week as not to get too off track. If you’re a writer like me, even just a few paragraphs can help put everything back into perspective. So here we go – my mid-week update.


family in front of new home

As you may have seen on my Instagram, I’ve moved. The entire process was completely exhausting! It began in late May and we finally moved into our new house two weeks ago. I’ve moved many, many times before. Since 18, I’ve had at least five or more addresses. Moving with a toddler and two dogs is a whole new experience.

We started the packing early to make the transition easier, but it was the negotiations that were the hardest part. An investor purchased our old house and was very specific on what he was willing to pay and how long we had left in our house. The family we purchased our new house from drug their feet on a lot of things. They also have a pet and a toddler so I can understand. The most annoying part, though was having to move twice.

As hard as we tried, we just couldn’t get our moving dates to match. So, we shoved everything into a pod and packed three suitcases for my parent’s house. We ended up staying there for a week which was actually pretty great. We had dinners together; I saw my nephews a lot more; and my son had endless new toys to play with. Still, I was so happy when we finally received our keys and spent the first night in our new home.

Freedom Barre Training

woman working our at EOS gym

Despite all the craziness of moving, something pretty amazing happened. I completed my first EVER fitness instructor training for a program called Freedom Barre. The training was no joke and I was sore for a full week after. It was 10 hours of workouts, coaching skills and some fun. I was pretty nervous throughout the training because this was something brand new. I’ve been hoping to jump into the fitness world like this for over two years now and I’m finally going to make it happen.

It was a little scary standing in front of people I didn’t know and hoping they were not judging me on missing any moves. Surprisingly, all the other participants felt the same way and were SUPER encouraging. Now, I have three months to perfect my technique and receive my official training certificate. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be taking my class next time you’re in Vegas!

I’m still looking into a couple other trainings with Pop Pilates and PIIT28 in the future too.

Writing and Design

I’ve been trying to get back into finishing the novel of my dreams. You know that one that’s going to make me famous? Well, I have written three more chapters and the ideas just keep flowing. This is one of the first times I’ve really been motivated. Send good writing vibes my way!

KIIP living t-shirt

Now onto design. A couple at my church asked me to be a part of a very special tshirt design. Their daughter had passed away at 18 several years back and they have created a scholarship in her memory. Every year, they make a new shirt with #KIIPLIVING to inspire people to keep going through the heartache. And they asked me to design it! I was so not ready for this, but I took the challenge. With the technical help of my best friend (who was super sick during most of our conversations), an amazing design was created. I am so honored to be a part of this process and help keep their daughter’s memory alive. It was also so cool to see so many wearing my design when I came to church!

I was invited to read and review this new book called, Paradox of Perfection. It’s a Christian inspired novel that really exposed the truth about perfection. Being perfect is something we all know is impossible, but it doesn’t mean we still don’t obsess over it. This impossible feat can keep me up at night. With becoming a mom and all the expectations that hitch its trailer to that term, perfectionism is challenging. Keep an eye out for the review.

“Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish and “Trampoline” by SHAED are my two new favorite songs. The first is a little creepy but super catchy. I tried to listen to Billie’s whole album, but some of the songs are just not for me. “Trampoline” is just so airy and goes really well with aerial moves. I recently took an intro to pole class and we had that track on repeat.

Tell me about you! What new things have you been into?

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