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Lazy Girl Workouts

Whether you’re a beginning or a trained athlete, we all have those days when working out is the enemy. Here’s workout solutions for your laziest days.

When you can’t get out of bed…

Sometimes just rolling out of bed in the morning can be a feat itself. I love this pillow inspired workout from Blogilates. It’s simple, but you feel the burn when you’re done.

Netflix and…

For when there's no way a workout will come between you and movie night:

Yoga without leaving your chair…

For doing yoga without leaving your chair:

When time is an issue…

Give a high intensity workout a chance. Blogilates has so many quick burn and HIIT workouts to choose from that will burn whatever part of your body you’re looking for. my favorite is the 6 Week Body Toning Bootcamp. Only takes about 30 minutes and you’re muscles will be crying by the end.

Quality over quantity…

Build you a butt & core in two weeks by working out less than 1 minute a day! Think these sound too easy? Through in hand weights to add more resistance. 30 seconds of holding a plank with a 10 pound weight on your back will make you break a sweat.

Via Buzzfeed

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