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2018 Christmas Gift Guide: Best out of the box Christmas gifts

As part of my 2018 Christmas Gift Guide, I decided to include a short list of out of the box Christmas gifts. There’s always someone on your list that either doesn’t know what they want or has everything they could ever want. If you’re shopping for someone like that, this Christmas gift guide is for you. Checkout a few of my favorites. 

Baby Nessie the Loch Ness Monster Tea Infuser 

Out of the box Christmas gifts

Everyone knows a tea drinker in their lives. This handy tea infuser lets even the snobbiest tea enthusiasts enjoy a warm cup of their favorite flavor. I actually have an owl one and fill it with fresh herbs from Teavanna. The steeping concept of this makes the flavor so much more powerful than your average tea bag. The best part is you can find infusers like these in a ton of different themes. 

Portable Espresso Machine

expresso machine - out of the box Christmas gifts

Move over Starbucks. This personal espresso machine will be the coffee lover on your list’s new best friend. This nifty cup grinds your favorite roast with ease and assures the perfect flavor in every use. It makes a great travel companion for the fanciest drinkers. No longer do you have to listen to THAT friend complain about how basic coffee is trash. Gift them this and they’re be too busy enjoying a cup of Joe to complain about anything.

LED Marquee Bo

Marquee sign Out of the Box Christmas Gifts - Wonderful World of Bree

Marquee signs have always been known to convey an idea or make an announcement. Bring the fun of capturing the moment home with this mini marquee box. Whether you want to be serious, festive, or just caption your daily life, this is the perfect gift for you and your friends.

Conversation Starters for Husbands & Wives

conversation starters Out of the Box Christmas Gifts - Wonderful World of Bree

Have a married couple of your list and have no idea what to get them? Don’t  pull your hair out trying to buy separate gifts, grab this fun ice breaker. These cards are filled with fun and entertaining questions to get husbands and wives in the mood to converse! One side has an interesting question and the back has an accompanied scripture.

Wine Wars: A Trivia Game for Wine Geeks and Wannabes

Wine Wars game Out of the Box Christmas Gifts - Wonderful World of Bree

Here’s the perfect gift for your wine connoisseur’s. Put them to the test with this wine trivia. Test their knowledge and see if they really know what’s going on inside their glass. 

Mop Slippers 

Mop Slippers Out of the Box Christmas Gifts - Wonderful World of Bree

Wish you could clean the floors without doing any extra work? Well, there’s a slipper for that. These mop slippers are perfect for the clean freak in your life, aka my husband. We have wood floors in our house and they constantly reveal dog prints and dust bunnies attempting to hide. These cozy slippers can help keep those floors presentable and keep my feet comfy at the same time.

Animal Desk Fan

cat desk fan out of the box Christmas Gifts - Wonderful World of Bree

Got an animal lover on your list? Get them something they can use everyday! Try this animal desk fan that comes in a dog and a cat version. I know my office thermostat is constantly changing and I keep my fan handy. How perfect would it be to have a cat or dog cooling my cube instead of a boring old basic fan?

Checkout my full list of gifts for pets and pet lovers.

Mini Pong

mini beer pong out of the box Christmas Gifts - Wonderful World of Bree

Who says work can’t have some playtime? This mini pong gift set is perfect for playing the classic game on the go or at your desk. Fill the mini cups with your drink of choice – keep it non-alcoholic during work hours – and enjoy! 

What fun items have you found for Christmas?

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