Wonderful World of Bree

Downtown 3rd Farmers Market

Downtown Las Vegas is quickly making its mark on the Farmer’s Market Culture with the Downtown 3rd Farmer’s Market. It’s located off of Casino Center and Stuart at an old train station.


Every Friday, this abandoned station bustles with shoppers, crafters and home growers. From fresh fruits and vegetables to artisan breads and organic seasonings, this market is every foodies paradise. You can even find a new piece of jewelry, clothing or decor for your home.


From wall to wall, the entry is filled with bright hues of greens, reds and oranges. Ripe avocados, apples, oranges, ect. fill wooden crates eloquently organized for shoppers.


Heading toward the back, tables are lined with fresh herbs picked from the garden.


There is even a section dedicated to artisan cheeses.


One of my fresh finds was at the Spicy Camel Trading Company. Although specifically known for their buttermilk pancakes, the shop offered a variety of delicacies and spices. I picked up a bag of gluten-free pumpkin granola and one freshly baked cookie.This find cost me a whopping $8. Pretty good for organic snacks.


The Downtown 3rd Farmers Market is open every Friday, varied by weather, from 9AM – 2PM. Many shops also accept Snap/EBT.

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