La Comida – That Hipster Mexican Restaurant Downtown

la-comidaI finally discovered the hipster Mexican restaurant everyone has been talking about downtown, La Comida. When it comes to authentic tacos, I tend to follow my husbands lead and visit places like Tacos El Gordo or Tacos de Tijuana. But, it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and we wanted to checkout the downtown scene.

We entered through a secret alley lined with a wooden fence, flower pots, rosaries and traditional Catholic artwork. Once we entered, I was amazed at how small the restaurant was.

A dozen tables or less filled the room, each decked with a different chair. The booths held 8+ people and resembled a homely couch. We must have just missed their biggest rush of the year because one only booth remained clean.


We took our seats at the large over-sized area and met our amusing server, Kyle. He told us about the massive line we missed just 30 minutes earlier. Lucky us.


We drank from simple mason jars (exactly what we do at our own home!) and dove into their homemade salsa and tortilla chips. I could have eaten a meal of just those! The salsa was not too spicy and had a hint of chipotle seasoning. And they’re chips were fresh out of the kitchen.


We decided on two orders of El Pastor tacos. Now these are my husbands FAVORITE style of tacos. I was worried they might not match up to taco truck style taste but we both LOVED them! They came with a side of rice and beans and were topped with avocado salsa and fresh pineapple.


The traditional Mexico feel was a great design for this restaurant. It had the hipster downtown feel with the trendy customers and staff. The decorations of Catholic Jesus, day of the dead art and rosaries from every lamp brought you right to the heart of Mexican culture.

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