Wonderful World of Bree

Reason for the Season

The holiday season is upon us and 2016 is wrapping up. With a tree filled with presents and a fridge filled with desserts, I’ve begun reflecting on what this time of my life really means.


2016 has been filled with blessings and heart ache. God has been molding me into a wife and stronger disciple. But this season isn’t just about me. As the famous phrase goes, “Jesus is the reason for the season.”

Many many years ago, a child that would save the world was born to an average couple. God chose Mary and Joseph to help raise the Messiah that would one day be our king.

This season celebrates so much of what God has taught us through his son. We give more. We love more. We forgive quicker and we smile bigger.

God is teaching me patience and to follow the path He has chosen for me. I’m learning to let go of where I think I should be in my career. Instead, I’m allowing God to guide me, even if it’s to a future I’ve never dreamed of.

“When one door closes another one opens.” I am a firm believer that when God closes a door on what seems to be a perfect opportunity, He is opening one that is even great than I can imagine.

What is God teaching you that will shape you in the year to come?

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