Learning to Follow

All my life I was taught to make decisions. To create my own destiny and carve out my own path. I was never taught to follow...until I decided to follow God. Over the years, I had gotten used to calling my own shots. To make the same mistakes over and over and hope someone how … Continue reading Learning to Follow

Jesus Saved Me

So here's my story. I've debated over and over if I was ready to be vulnerable enough to share it. It's a little nerve-wracking because I'm allowing so many into this personal story. But after sharing with my congregation and within women's events, I've learned to embrace my trials. Warning: this is a long story … Continue reading Jesus Saved Me

God Never Gives Your More Than You Can Handle

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by day to day responsibilities. You might come to work, be so busy you don't have time to breath. Upon arriving home, you have an entirely new list of chores to complete. By bedtime, you're sitting, wondering where the entire day went. It's even easier to be consumed by real … Continue reading God Never Gives Your More Than You Can Handle