Life Really Is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful 2016 marked my first music festival. (I know. I’m behind.) My husband and I put on our festy best and headed out to Day Two of Life is Beautiful with the hopes of catching our coveted headliners, Leon Bridges and J. Cole.

Here’s what I  loved about this festival.

There’s such a variety of music. Whether you love EDM or blues, there’s a band for you. With four different stages, there was never entertainment to run out of.


Around every corner, there was also some kind of DJ spinning a variety of other beats. I loved the Pandora Satellite booth. Not only was the music great, so was the lighting. Endless photo opportunities and even a digital photo booth!


Photo backdrops were endless. Around every corner, there was some kind of art of mural just waiting for us to strike a pose. I LOVED the ladder frame near the ferris stage. You could climb, hang and fill with dozens of your friends.


You can just hang out. Coconut water took over an entire section of the grounds building a tropical get away. Sip some free drinks. Relax on a hammock or swing. Play backyards games and dive down the inflatable water slide!


The food was amazing. We chose sushi burritos and twisted lemonade to fill our bellies. But the food trucks and pop-up booths lined almost every corner. Donuts, steak, cocktails – whatever you craved, LIB had it.


We’re going again. Although our feet were hurting and we were dying for more sleep the next day, our first festival was a hit. Limited tickets are already one sale. Get them here before prices go up!

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