Why Blog?


I’ve gotten this question so much lately. Blogging seems to be growing a phenomenon but so many people don’t understand it. It’s multifaceted and can be used for a variety of ventures – business, personal, spiritual, etc.

I first started blogging during my pursuit of my Bachelors at UNLV. I signed up for a crash course summer school class and dove right in. I am a writer by birth. But I am not always vocal about my works. I gave this class a chance feeling relieved that I may never meet my digital classmates.

As my journalistic nature began kicking in, I found freedom in the writing. I was constantly on a short deadline and had to be active throughout my mini blogging community. I was so inspired to read writings from my peers. I really saw their voices and vulnerability in their words. I slowly emerged from my turtle shell and allowed by writing to reflect my true voice.

This short month long class was just the spark I needed to fulfill my writing drought. During my college career, I felt as if my need for creative writing was starving. I could bust out a ten page paper like nothing, but when it came to journaling, I ended with a blank page.

So why do I blog?

I blog because of freedom. I find freedom in this blossoming community of writers that just want to have their voices heard. I blog because of that one person who will see the amazing things God is constantly doing in my life. I blog because I’m really good at “How To’s.” I blog because I want to inspire others to break their writers block and just throw up on paper. Blogging isn’t about judgement. It’s a community of sharing and teaching and dreaming.

So isn’t the better question is ask “Why don’t you blog?”

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