Baseball Game Night 101

13892241_1290668490944490_4439508786059986719_n.jpgWhether you’re a fan of your local team or not, game night is an event not to be missed. I recently took a trip to California and was able to make a Friday night Dodger game. Now, my heart will always bleed Yankee blue, but I appreciate my husband’s favorite team. Here’s how we made the most of our baseball night.

Map Your Route

In any city, game night means traffic. We were traveling from downtown Pasadena this trip and had to find a back way into the stadium. Entering via the main entrance is always a nightmare. Cars are coming from every direction and most drivers have no patience for their counterparts. We found an alternate route (thanks to some experienced family members) and headed right in avoiding all traffic.

Bring Spending Money


Between food and souvenirs, you can easily drop a few hundred at the stadium.We calculated our meal for three and the total came to over $50! Now add your $30 t-shirts and $10+ toys from the store and your pockets are empty.

Choose a Lower Division Game

dodger stadium

When the Dodgers play any rival team, ticket prices sky-rocket. We wanted to save a few bucks and still have amazing seats. So, we opted for a Dodgers vs. Pirates Game. We spent less that $60 per ticket and had the best seats in the house.

Checkout the Club Level


Of the many times I visited Dodger Stadium, I had never ventured to the Club Level. This trip, we made it a point to explore the arena. On this exclusive floor, we found an entire museum of Dodger memorabilia. There was even a silent auction going on!

Stay the Whole Game


I know I know. When you team is losing, you don’t want to stay and watch the torture. However, Friday nights in LA mean fireworks. All fans are invited to the field to watch a unique fireworks display. This visit was to the Elvis favorites.

If you’ve never been to a local game, checkout the teams in your area. Even the Las Vegas 51’s know how to create the perfect night out.

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