Asking the Hard Question

new-piktochart (1)I’m coming up on almost two years of committing my life to following Jesus. I do the daily requirements of discipleship: quiet times, reading the bible, sharing my faith, connecting with other followers, etc.

After one of my groups bi-weekly bible lessons, I really considered why I need this checklist at all. Shouldn’t I be so on fire for God that these actions come as second nature? Most days they are natural. But like many of us, I have my lulls.

So what am I missing? Why do I feel as if I’m trudging through sand when is comes to my walk? I think about these questions often and always come to the same answer. I’m not asking myself the hard question – What am I putting before God?

This question seems almost elementary. In my few first bible studies I was asked, “What in your life could defer you from putting God first?” At the time, I couldn’t think of many things. I was reaching for God so fervently I couldn’t imagine putting him on the back burner.

The busier I get with adulting, the easier I can identify what holds me back. And it’s the most menial things that will grasp my attention. It’s impatience with being further than I’d like from personal goals. It’s feeling trapped as I see dozens of friends traveling the world. It’s fear of making big decisions. It’s being obsessed with fitting the mold of society. It’s allowing my past to keep punching my in the face.

Now that I’ve identified where I can fall short, I know where to begin to allow God to strengthen these areas. I think about the Ethiopian Eunuch who was busier than I will ever be. God was his priority always. (see Acts 8:26 – 40)

Have you asked yourself the hard question? What is holding you back from enjoying the life God has planned for you?

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